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Can You Use Numbing Cream For Lip Fillers?

Numbing Cream For Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are one of the most common cosmetic procedures people have done. Injections such as Juvaderm are used to make an individual’s lips much fuller and plumper, creating a much more appealing look. This is a very common procedure, but there isn’t any kind of anesthetic used to put the patient to sleep during it. This being said, it is a painful experience and a lot of doctors use a skin numbing cream before injecting the lips.

With the number of people getting lip filler injections, it has come up that they are curious if a skin numbing cream can be used for a lip filler procedure, and if it’s safe. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss using a numbing cream for lip fillers and why it is pretty much used in every lip filler procedure. Let’s not waste any more time…


Numbing Cream For Lips Fillers: Yes or No?

Numbing cream is always used in a lip filler procedure. With they can’t knock you out during the procedure as some people want, most doctors do use a numbing cream before starting their work. While lip fillers look beautiful once the lips are fully healed, the process of getting them isn’t as beautiful.

Getting lip fillers is very painful since the skin around your lips is very sensitive. With the help of TattooNumbx numbing cream, the process of getting lip fillers just got a lot less painful. Now, you might be thinking that our numbing cream is only made for tattoos. Wrong! Our numbing cream can be used anywhere. It can be used on tattoos, it can be used for lips fillers, and it can be used for any kind of cosmetic procedure. 

Now, I do want to let you know that some application instructions may be slightly different than they would be for a tattoo, but you can 100% use our high-quality skin numbing cream for lip fillers.

Most doctors use a numbing cream before they get started, so just consult with them on which numbing cream they use. 


Why Choose TattooNumbx?

Our topical numbing cream is the perfect way to prepare your skin for a new tattoo or any kind of cosmetic procedure such as lip fillers. Our numbing cream works to block your nerves so that you don’t have much sensation during your tattoo or procedure. I know that sounds scary, but I promise it is totally safe! 

Our fast-absorbing numbing cream starts working in just 30 minutes and lasts up to 5 hours! Our formula is water-based and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or sticky – we wanted to make sure of that when creating this all-star formula. 

Our goal here at TattooNumbx is to provide you with nothing but the best experience, whether it be getting a tattoo, laser tattoo removal, cosmetic tattooing, microneedling, waxing, getting lip fillers, and so much more! Shop our bestselling tattoo numbing cream.