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Is Tattoo Numbing Cream Worth It?

Tattoo Numbing Cream

Tattoos are almost becoming the new norm. Within the 18 most tattooed countries globally, 38% of respondents mentioned having at least one tattoo. Undoubtedly, it's a considerable amount, meaning all walks of life are now getting ink placed on their skin. Because of this, an upsurge of tattoo numbing cream has begun. But is it even worth the investment and time? 

Does tattoo numbing cream work? 

Tattoo numbing creams are safe, effective, and help reduce the pain presented by the procedure. Their classified as topical agents and can easily be applied to the skin in seconds. In addition, it doesn't hugely affect the tattoo artist's ability to perform their work. However, it's always recommended to mention you're using this before getting tattooed. 

To conclude, yes, tattoo numbing creams work, and they're worth the investment if you're worried about the pain. For those looking for a numbing cream solution, we strongly recommend considering our Tattoo Numbing Cream. It's affordable, water-based, and well-known for being an effective product. 

People are very sceptical about putting numbing cream on before a tattoo for the most part. They believe it's a placebo and has zero effect on your body or skin. However, this couldn't be more wrong. To find out how they work, see the below:

How do tattoo numbing creams work?  

Numbing creams are applied to the tattooed area before the procedure. In most circumstances, this is 30-minutes before. During this time, the active ingredients work themselves into the skin. Depending on which numbing cream you purchase, it'll use the following agents: 

Nerve Deadeners

Almost all of the tattoo numbing creams available contain ingredients called nerve deadeners. When applied to the skin, it stops your nerves from picking up pain signals. These agents are not only used for tattoo processes; it's also a common practice for dental procedures and various other medical tests. 

Nerve Blockers

Unlike the above, These agents eliminate your nerves picking up signals and reaching the brain. Rather than this, it reduces the intensity of the sensations you feel. Therefore, it doesn't eliminate pain; it only reduces it. 


Lastly are vasoconstrictors. Unquestionably, these aren't used often for tattoos. But, never say never. It's the most powerful numbing agent available and not 100% recommended. With this, it constricts the blood vessels of the applied area, reducing bleeding, pain, and swelling of a tattoo.

After reading the above, you should be aware of how the three primary numbing agents work—putting these numbing creams on before a tattoo will undoubtedly eliminate or reduce the pain felt by the process. However, it's only recommended to use either nerve deadeners or nerve blockers, as these have no side effects. 


Now you should have a comprehensive idea of whether tattoo numbing cream works. Luckily for those reading, it does. If you're searching for a numbing solution, consider TattooNumbx