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The Top 4 Most Painful Areas To Tattoo

Most Painful Areas To Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to decorate your body with the things that matter most to you – a portrait of a family member, a quote that has a lot of meaning for you, or maybe even your favourite kind of flower. They are a great way to express yourself and why getting tattooed can be addictive, it can also be very painful, and numbing cream is a necessity. Because tattoos involve piercing the top layer of your skin for a couple of hours, it isn’t the most pleasant experience, especially if you get it on the parts of your body that are considered to be the most painful.

Are you curious about what the most painful areas to get a tattoo are? Then you’ve come to the right place! While everyone is different and has different pain tolerances, these are the 4 places that are typically the most painful to tattoo…

The top 4 most painful areas to tattoo:

  1. Rib cage

While the rib cage is a very popular place for tattoos, it is also one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. When getting a rib cage tattoo, the amount of pain you are going to feel is very severe since the skin around your rib cage is very thin and sensitive. I highly advise using a tattoo numbing cream so the pain is at least bearable in this area.

  1. Ankles & shins

Because the skin on your ankles and shin is extremely thin and there is much fat acting as a cushion in those areas, which makes it an extremely painful part to get a tattoo. This area is similar to your rib cage in that there isn’t much fat in those areas to take the hit of the needle. When getting an ankle or shin tattoo, it’s going to feel like the needle is hitting your bone. The use of numbing cream is going to be necessary if you’re getting an ankle or shin tattoo!

  1. Groin

Your groin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body since it is filled with hundreds of muscles and nerve endings. When the needle hits this area, it can cause a lot of irritation and can cause a lot of discomfort and soreness during the tattooing process. One of the best things you can do to ease your groin pain during this process is to use a numbing cream. 

  1. Behind the knee

If you’re on the road to getting a full leg sleeve and your next tattoo is going to be behind your knee, prepare for the pain. The skin behind your knee is loose and stretchy and has hundreds of nerve endings – causing a lot of pain while being tattooed. Behind your knee is an extremely sensitive part of your body, so make sure you have your numbing cream handy! 

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