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Protective Aftercare Film
Protective Film Instructions
Protective Barrier Film

TattooNumbx Protective Tattoo Aftercare Film (10 Pack)

$26.00 Regular price $30.00

- TattooNumbx Protective Tattoo Film is a specially designed protective film that helps protect and heal new tattoos.
- Our barrier film provides a anitbacterial barrier that prevents pathogens and external contaminants from entering the wound.
- TattooNumbx Protective Film prevents scabs from forming and reduces risk of infection.
- The thin waterproof barrier protects the tattoo with a thin flexible layer. This protects the tattoo from external factors that can damage the tattoo like rubbing on clothes etc. 

1. Gently clean and pat dry the tattoo and the surrounding area, ensuring there is no soap or residue on the skin. Cut the tattoo film barrier to the desired size, plus 1/2 inch margin from the edge of the tattoo.
2. Peel the release paper strip off.
3. Place the tattoo film on the skin, then gently press the edge.
4. Peel off the release paper (the whole underneath of the film), gently applying pressure.
5. Peel off the top film from the centre outwards.

TattooNumbx Protective Tattoo Aftercare Film (10 Pack)

$26.00 Regular price $30.00

What is tattoo numbing cream used for?

Tattoo numbing cream is most commonly used to help pain throughout tattoo sessions. Yet it has a wide range of other uses too, since it is safe to use anywhere on the body. Other uses include: Laser tattoo removal, Laser hair removal, Waxing, Injections, Blood tests, Vaccinations, Lip fillers, Permanent Makeup, Piercings, and all other cosmetic skin treatments. 

How much will one tube of tattoo numbing cream cover?

TattooNumbx - 10g tube, is enough to cover the area of the forearm if applied with a thick layer as directed.

How long should I leave tattoo numbing cream on for?

TattooNumbx should be applied at least 60 minutes before a tattoo session. 90 minutes Is the recommended time for application which will give you a maximum numbing effect. For procedures longer than 3 hours, the cream should be reapplied as directed to the area.

How long does tattoo numbing cream last for?

Our tattoo numbing cream lasts for up to 3-5 hours if applied as directed. It will gradually become less effective and sensitivity will start to return to that area of the skin after this time. 

Will the tattoo numbing cream effect my ink?

No. Our tattoo numbing cream is water based, not oil based, so the ink, tattoo and healing process wont be affected at all!



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