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Can You Use Tattoo Numbing Cream for Micro-Needling?

Numbing Cream For Micro-Needling

Unfortunately, there isn't a magical pill you can take that'll make your skin smoother, younger and clearer. However, some treatments can potentially help with this. 

One of the most recommended procedures for this is micro-needling, as it may reduce the appearance of acne, scars, wrinkles, large pores, and dark spots

The only problem with micro-needling is the treatment itself. When undergoing this, you receive pinpricks of needles which encourage your skin to make more collagen. Because of how it operates, it can hurt and make your skin sensitive. 

As a result, many people question whether you can use tattoo numbing cream to reduce the pain. 

You'll be happy to hear the answer is yes! 

Whether you're using numbing cream for tattoos or micro-needling, it provides the same result - a reduction of pain. 

Ideally, the dermatologist or a medical aesthetician will apply the numbing cream to your body or face around 30-45 minutes before the treatment. 

But you can also do this yourself with our product, TattooNumbx. To find out more, read below: 

Can I apply tattoo numbing cream myself?

Numbing Cream For Tattoos

At TattooNumbx, we supply numbing cream for tattoos. However, the excellent thing about this product is that it can get used for multiple applications - one being micro-needling. 

Because of this, you can purchase our Numbing Cream For Tattoos and apply this yourself before the micro-needling treatment. 

When doing this, you want to follow the same process as a professional and apply the cream to the micro-needling area 30-45 minutes before the procedure. 

However, you must note that some people are immune to numbing cream because of genetic mutation. Therefore, you'll want to patch test before initially applying the cream to your body or face for the treatment. 

How to apply tattoo numbing cream 

Applying or patch testing numbing cream for micro-needling is remarkably straightforward as both follow the same application steps. 

  1. Clean the area - Clean the micro-needling area before applying any numbing cream to ensure it's dry and free from dirt or oil. 
  2. Use gloves - Before applying, wear waterproof gloves so your hands don't become numb. 
  3. Apply the right amount - Afterward, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the cream. This will tell you the safe amount to apply. 
  4. Wrap the area - Depending on your cream; you might need to wrap the area with something like saran material. Not all creams are fast-acting, which is the primary reason for needing to do this. 
  5. Rinse well - Before the procedure, the medical professional will need to wash your applied area before they begin. 

Above is a rough outline of how to apply tattoo numbing cream. For a more in-depth guide, see here

If you're patch testing, you'll need to follow the same instructions as the above. However, you're generally testing whether your skin becomes numb from the cream instead of going to the procedure. 

How else can you reduce the pain of micro-needling? 

Apart from our product TattooNumbx, there are several different practices you can implement to reduce the pain of micro-needling. By combining all of these, you can make the process much more enjoyable.

  1. Find the right professional 

You need to find the right professional for optimal results and safety. Before the appointment, ensure you have an expert with all the correct certifications and licenses. 

Searching online or via social media might not be enough to determine their professionalism. Therefore, consulting with them might be the better option. 

When consulting them, you can truly ask about all your concerns, such as pain tolerance, skin thickness, skin treatment history, and much more, which will allow you to identify their expertise. 

  1. Skincare routine 

Including the above, you should also stay mindful of your skincare routine before and after the micro-needling.

Ideally, a week leading up to the micro-needling, you'll want to avoid using any products containing acids, topical antibiotics, exfoliants, or retinoids. 

Instead, use skincare products that have products like hyaluronic acid (not actually an acid) and niacinamide, as these will help your skin prepare and hydrate. 

  1. Avoid facial skin treatment 

Either a month or several weeks before, don't have any skin treatments like chemical peels, lasers, etc. Having either of these can make your skin remarkably sensitive and irritated, worsening during the micro-needling. 

Including this, getting waxed or using hair removal cream should be refrained two weeks before the appointments to reduce sensitivity issues. 

  1. Know your menstrual cycle 

One for the women here, knowing your menstrual cycle can also lower the pain felt during the micro-needling process. 

Typically, prostaglandin levels can rise during the first few days of the cycle, stimulating inflammation and skin sensitivity. Therefore, understanding your menstrual cycle and working on this treatment could be beneficial. 

This is especially important for those undergoing treatment for the first time. Because your mind and skin haven't felt this sensation before, how you'll react to it is unknown. 

  1. Don't stress and remain healthy 

We understand that the first time you consider micro-needling is stressful as you don't know how it'll feel. However, this is the worst thing you can do. 

Stress results in muscle tension, leading to a more uncomfortable experience and pain. Therefore, you want to remain calm before, during, and even after the procedure. 

Although everyone reduces stress or anxiety levels differently, try to remain healthy, don't overthink the process, and have adequate rest before going to the procedure. 

Above are five of the most popular ways to reduce pain for micro-needling. You can use all of these and some; it depends on how you want to fight the pain. 


After reading this post, you should understand that it's possible to use tattoo numbing cream to reduce the pain felt during micro-needling. 

However, this isn't the only way to make the experience more comfortable, as seen by the five pain-reduction tips above. 

Consider our tattoo numbing cream, It's been used by hundreds worldwide and is continuously getting mentioned as the go-to option for reducing pain sensitivity for needle-related procedures.