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Tattoo Numbing Cream


Our Tattoo Numbing Cream has been designed by tattoo artists in the US and is used to make tattooing/procedures comfortable. Our numbing cream is used to help you sit longer through a tattoo session, so you can get more done. The cream has a water based formula that doesn’t leave the skin oily and does not affect the artist, ink or the healing of the tattoo. It can be applied to any area for temporary relief. 

TattooNumbx Tattoo Numbing Cream can be used for tattoos, laser tattoo removal, cosmetic tattooing, microneedling, waxing and all cosmetic uses. Once applied, the numbing cream starts working in as little as 30 minutes and lasts anywhere between 3 and 5 hours (some people have said it lasts longer). The cream can be reapplied for longer sessions. 

All our numbing cream products have genuine holographic, anti-counterfeit labels that can be verified. TattooNumbx also offers a wide range of products for tattoos/treatments including Aftercare Gel, Aftercare Balm, Numbing Spray & tattooist wholesale Multipacks.

What is tattoo numbing cream used for?

Tattoo numbing cream is most commonly used to help pain throughout tattoo sessions. Yet it has a wide range of other uses too, since it is safe to use anywhere on the body. Other uses include: Laser tattoo removal, Laser hair removal, Waxing, Injections, Blood tests, Vaccinations, Lip fillers, Permanent Makeup, Piercings, and all other cosmetic skin treatments. 

How long should I leave tattoo numbing cream on for?

TattooNumbx should be applied at least 60 minutes before a tattoo session. 90 minutes Is the recommended time for application which will give you a maximum numbing effect. For procedures longer than 3 hours, the cream should be reapplied as directed to the area.

Will the tattoo numbing cream effect my ink?

No. Our tattoo numbing cream is water based, not oil based, so the ink, tattoo and healing process wont be affected at all!

How long does tattoo numbing cream last for?

Our tattoo numbing cream lasts for up to 3-5 hours if applied as directed. It will gradually become less effective and sensitivity will start to return to that area of the skin after this time. 

How much will one tube of tattoo numbing cream cover?

TattooNumbx - 10g tube, is enough to cover the area of the forearm if applied with a thick layer as directed.