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What Is a Lip Tattoo? The Complete One-Stop Guide

Lip Tattooing

A question asked by many is, "what is a lip tattoo". If you're undergoing this procedure, you'll want to know exactly what it is before initially doing it. To find this out, read the comprehensive guide below: 

What is a lip tattoo? 


A lip tattoo is a process (similar to the normal tattoo process) that involves injecting colour pigments (black, white, blue, green, etc.) into your lips with tiny tattooing needles. People either get a form of tattoo art in this area or something that looks like permanent makeup, like lipstick. 

Whether you get this procedure tattooed on the outside or inside your lips, know it can easily get infected and be extremely painful. Therefore, it's essential to understand this tattooing process comprehensively before making the initial decision. 

How much is a lip tattoo? 

Like all tattoos, the size matters - The cost will depend on the total size and comprehensiveness of the tattoo. However, as averages, we can suggest the following; 

If you're looking for a permanent makeup tattoo, like lipstick, Research suggests the following prices; 

  • Lip liner - £450 - £525 
  • Lip blush - £495 - £595
  • Full lip colour - £750 

When it comes to getting a detailed tattoo, prices can vary. It depends on the size, artist, ink used, and much more. However, from previous experience, it could cost as little as £50. But take into consideration that these tattoos fade quickly. 

Are there risks or side effects of getting a lip tattoo 

At TattooNumbx, we're professionals in the tattoo numbing cream industry. For this reason, we know a thing or two about the risks and side effects involved with tattooing certain body parts. 

Lips are considered an ultra-sensitive tattooing area, as demonstrated by this pain chart. Therefore, they're prone to infections and additional pain compared to other places on the body. 

Because of this, you need to be careful. Otherwise, you could encounter the below risks and side effects associated with lip tattooing. 

  • Swelling - Wherever you get a tattoo, it creates micro injuries to your skin. When this occurs, your skin naturally swells up. It's the same for your lips, but it'll only last for a few days - just make sure you add something cold to them to treat the swelling. 
  • Scarring - If you get a lip tattoo, it might not heal correctly. Perhaps this happens, you'll have a scar. Remember, it's also one of the more likely areas to get infected, further boosting scarring possibilities. 
  • Infections - Speaking about infections, it can, of course, get infected. Therefore, follow aftercare instructions carefully, use reliable tattoo artists, and be careful after the procedure. 
  • Anaphylaxis - Without question, this is highly rare. However, it has been previously reported within hours of people getting tattoos. This is where swelling goes beyond your lips and onto the neck and cheeks. If left untreated, it could become life-threatening. 
  • Allergic reactions - If you historically have skin sensitivities or allergies, it's also best to consult a tattoo artist and doctor about the procedure to reduce to possibility of them occurring. 
  • Blood-borne illnesses - This can only occur from the artist's equipment if it isn't sterilized correctly. Still, it can lead to the transmission of blood-borne illnesses like HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. 

Despite the above being somewhat worrying to readers, you must know that severe side effects from tattoos only account for 0.02% of procedures

What does a lip tattooing procedure look like? 


Now you know what lip tattooing is, it's best to understand what the procedure will look like. Luckily, it's practically the same as any other process. 

During the session, the artist will begin drawing the design. Once drawn, they'll trace it onto the location you want tattooed - in this event, the lips. 

Using a new, sterile needle, the artist will begin inserting the ink into your lips. After the tattoo is complete, they'll begin covering it up with a bandage to prevent infections. 

When undergoing this process, expect bleeding and pain. It's normal, but the lips are known to be one of the most painful places to tattoo. If you're looking for a less painful place, the arms or legs are a better option. 

However, if you want a lip tattoo but want to reduce the pain, you also can use tattoo numbing cream. This will numb the area temporarily, reducing the pain felt. For more information, check out our Tattoo Numbing Cream

The tattooist will also provide you with some aftercare instructions; follow this. Roughly, it takes around two weeks for a new tattoo to heal. 

Does a lip tattoo last long? 

Compared to other body areas, lip tattoos don't last long. Even if you use the most vibrant colours, it'll fade as your dermis and epidermis heal. 

They fade at such a rapid rate because they're always in contact with food, drink, and saliva. For this reason, you might need to get regular top-ups. 

However, certain designs and colours last longer than others. The best way to find out about this is by consulting the tattoo artist, and they'll guide you in the right direction. 

How to prepare for a lip tattoo 

Prepare for a lip tattoo like you would a normal one. First, you need to find the design and decide where you want this placed - outside or inside the lip. 

Before the procedure, many artists suggest not brushing your teeth or drinking before the appointment. However, applying tattoo numbing cream is fine as it's used for lip fillers, but ask if the artist is happy to tattoo with this.

Lastly, you might want to know the aftercare instructions before the process. By doing this, you can understand the equipment or products needed to reduce the chances of infections. 


After reading the above, you should know the answer to "what is lip tattooing". It's similar to other tattooing processes, but there's more risk involved and pain. 

To reduce the pain felt during the process, check out our tattoo numbing cream, TattooNumbx. It's helped hundreds of people go through tattoos comfortably and pain-free.