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Can You Use Numbing Cream For Vaccinations?

Numbing Cream For Vaccinations


Since the pandemic, vaccinations have played a significant role in creating immunity to the disease. However, having a needle placed into your arm isn’t everybody’s favourite activity. It’s completely understandable, and it’s the same for tattoos, etc. However, to reduce this anxiety and pain from vaccinations, many have asked whether it’s possible to use tattoo numbing cream. 

Injection phobia, trypanophobia, more easily known as fear of needles, affects between 3.5% to 10% of the UK population. It’s an enormous chunk of brits, meaning many want to know whether it’s possible this product can reduce the “fear” of receiving a vaccination. So, does numbing cream work for vaccinations? 

Does numbing cream work for vaccinations? 

Numbing creams (also called topical anaesthetics) are superb at numbing the skin around the injection area. The product itself is used worldwide for numbing painful cosmetic uses such as micro-needling, tattooing, laser removal, waxing, and many more. Therefore, it’s entirely safe to use before your vaccination to reduce the pain during the procedure. However, it’s always recommended to consult a health professional before applying the cream. 

When applying numbing cream, it’s advised to place this on the upper arm, where it’ll be injected with a needle 30 to 60 minutes beforehand. This allows the formula to work itself into the skin and temporarily numb it. If you’re unaware of where to place the numbing cream, please seek professional help for guidance. 

A superb product you can consider is our tattoo numbing cream. It’s been tried and tested by thousands, each suggesting it allows them to undergo various skin-pain related activities without feeling anything. 

What else can reduce the pain of vaccinations? 

After reading the above, you should know the answer to “does numbing cream work for vaccinations”. Yes, it does. However, there are various other natural practices you can consider when getting injected, such as: 

  1. Sit upright – From simply sitting upright, you can massively reduce the pain of vaccinations. When sitting slouched or tensed, it’s well-known that the pain presented from vaccines increases. Therefore, sit upright, relax your shoulders, and stay calm. 
  1. Use distractions – In addition, you can use distractions. Whether you’re an adult, teen, or child, we all have distractions. It could be a favourite toy, a phone, or plain imagination; either could be implemented to reduce the pain of the vaccination. 
  1. Relaxation – Lastly, prepare your mind and relax. Those worried about vaccines tend to work themselves up about it throughout the day, many even weeks before it occurs. It isn’t necessary, and trying to relax about the situation can reduce the amount of anxiety you’re having.  

After reading the above, you should know the answer to a vital question that many are discussing, does numbing cream work for vaccinations. Thankfully for those that are reading, yes, it does. It’s a superb way of minimising the effects caused by injections, both mentally and physically. 

If you’re looking for a numbing product, we recommend considering our tattoo numbing cream, Tattoonumbx. It’s an excellent cream specially formulated to numb skin and eliminate pain caused by cosmetic practices or injections.