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How Much Is a Tattoo: A Comprehensive Guide

Tattooing Cost

Many people have started to realise that tattoos are the purest form of beauty and bodily expression. In fact, tattoos have started to become more "normal" in modern-day society. Undoubtedly, this is excellent news for the industry. 

However, with this, is a ton of newcomers. These people aren't aware of the many aspects of getting a tattoo; finalising a design, researching the best tattoo shops, locating artists, etc. One factor that seems to slip away is tattoo costs. 

Pricing is an essential area of a tattoo. Ideally, you want to find a parlour that uses good equipment, ink, and artists, which is normally reflected in the price. Therefore, to get a rough idea of how much it'll cost, we recommend checking out the below: 

Tattoo Size


Tattoo Cost (range)

XS – Tiny Tattoos

1" x1"


S – Small Tattoos

2" x2"


M – Medium-Sized Tattoos

4" x4"

£150 – £300

L – Large Tattoos

6" x6"

£350 – £550

XL+ – Extra Large Tattoos

8" x8"

£700 +

Source: Inkably

Please note that the above are average prices. Many different variables might affect this (more about this below). However, it should briefly show how much you're expected to pay for a "decent" tattoo artist. 

How are tattoos priced? 

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

Typically, there are two methods artists charge for tattoos: by the piece or by the hour. Some artists may provide you with a solid estimate depending on the item's size; particularly if it's a wall piece, they can estimate the amount of time needed effortlessly. 

The artist will most likely give you a set fee for the complete piece if you bring in a sketch or work with them on the design. However, costs are determined by the hour for some more complicated tattoo designs. The time required to create a bespoke design will probably be factored into the hourly charge if you do so (which is what most artists advise).

For those looking to get a tattoo retouch or extension, both will also get charged hourly. Depending on the amount of work required with the design, the artist may or may not factor in design fees. 

Factors that affect tattoo pricing 

Tattoos are not a commodity. Prices differ from store to store. Two artists in the same shop or two stores in the same neighbourhood may charge various prices for the same design.

What they charge varies on the artist and shop. However, for the most part, this is how they finalise their quote/pricing: 

  • Artist's knowledge - Because they want the experience, an apprentice or beginning artist will probably only charge £80 or even less per hour. Due to their popularity, a well-known artist with a large portfolio of work will cost more per hour. It's recommended to go with the more seasoned artist unless your design is straightforward and the apprentice has received the recommendation of other artists.
  • The popularity of artists or studios - Artists that are well-known or have large followings on social media frequently charge more for their services; the same is true for shops. These artists and stores are a matter of personal preference. However, you should always seek a reliable store with many positive internet reviews and a tidy, professional setting. Ink Public is a good place to start looking.
  • Complexity and colour. Because it will be simpler for the artist to make, a basic black pattern with less complexity (such as tribal tattoos or calligraphy) it's cheaper. A more realistic, colourful, or complex tattoo will cost more since the tattoo artist will need to spend longer tattooing the artwork.
  • Body placement and size - It can be more difficult to tattoo certain body parts than others. For instance, tattooing the arms, legs, and back is simpler than the hand, neck, or face. Because they're more noticeable and can only be done by skilled artists, tattoos on the hand or face will be more expensive. The cost is also influenced by the tattoo's size, as the artist will need more time to execute a larger tattoo. 

How to find the right tattoo artists for a good price 

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

It's ideal to choose the cheapest option for various services. For tattoos, this is not the case. Choose quality over price in this case because the art will be on your body for the rest of your life.

Saving money and waiting patiently until you find the appropriate artist is necessary for getting quality tattoos. It's worth the wait to find the ideal match for something this permanent.

Because of this, you'll ideally want to consider the below when finding an artist for your tattoo: 

Artist compatibility and experience

Ideally, you want an artist who applies their art to your skin to be someone you like, trust and admire. Before entering for the appointment, view the portfolios of various artists prior to meeting with them.

Knowing how long they've been working in the field is also crucial. You want to pick a person with skills, expertise, and patience. Tattoo pain is real, but it shouldn't be intolerable. If you're worried about this, we recommend using our Tattoo Numbing Cream. 

However, be prepared to pay a few hundred pounds for a high-quality tattoo because a skilled artist will want more money. 

Friendly and helpful staff

It can be scary to get a tattoo. Relax if you're feeling anxious, and remember, nobody has ever gotten their first tattoo without being scared! Before your consultation, the personnel should assist with getting all of your queries answered. Find a different tattoo shop that treats you respectfully if they're unkind, unprofessional, or in any other way that makes you feel uneasy.

Workplace sanitation

Before tattooing each client, are the seats cleaned by the artists? Do they swap out the needles right in front of the client? Do they wear gloves? Does the waiting room appear tidy?

The quickest way to catch an infection on your tattoo is in an unclean setting (remember, it's an open wound). Even if the business offers you a better price, you shouldn't take any chances in a less-than-sterile environment.

After-care advice

A tattoo's after-care is crucial to your health and life. The ink will bleed out and fade if you don't care for your tattoo properly, and your skin could become infected.

Inquire about after-care guidelines. Go somewhere else if the artist provides you with unclear or no instructions. Additionally, spending money on high-quality after-care items like tattoo sunblock and after-care butter is crucial. To obtain a more realistic estimation of the overall cost of a tattoo, include these items in the price.


After reading the above, you should understand the answer to "how much is a tattoo". Truthfully, it depends on multiple factors, like location, artist, complexity, etc.  

If you're worried about the pain involved with tattooing, don't worry. Consider trying our Numbing Cream For Tattoos. The formula has been specially created to lower the pain felt during the procedure.