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What Can I Use Numbing Cream For?

Numbing Cream Uses

Worldwide, the pain relief market is continuously growing and is expected to reach 12 billion dollars by 2027. The sector is enormous, but one extremely popular product in this industry is numbing cream. 

However, despite this product getting used almost globally, few know its application. Therefore, we thought detailing a comprehensive guide could be beneficial to educate our viewers. To learn more about this, we suggest you become knowledgeable on the following: 

What can I use numbing cream for? 

Numbing cream is an excellent product and can get used in many different applications. Because of its sheer multi-functional purposes, it's such a significant product to our society. 

To understand the usages, we will detail the most popular. However, you must know that numbing cream has way more recommended applications than the below. Here's what you need to know: 

  • Injections - One primary purpose of using numbing cream is to reduce the pain severity of injections. Some injections that it could help with are vaccinations, diabetes injections, etc. 
  • Minor surgery - It can also help reduce the pain felt during minor surgeries, like mammograms - Applying this before the x-ray process is known to reduce the pain threshold immensely. 
  • Cosmetic applications - Lastly are cosmetic applications. These could be microdermabrasion, filler injections, body piercings, waxing, or tattoos

You could purchase generic numbing creams or application-specific ones with the above usages. For instance, generic numbing cream can get used for all the mentioned. However, buying something like tattoo numbing cream for a tattooing procedure could be more beneficial. 

The manufacturer could have different active ingredients specially designed to reduce the pain felt by that process. Therefore, it's worth considering our Tattoo Numbing Cream if you're searching for a pain relief cream for tattoos. 

How does numbing cream work? 

Many miscomprehend how it works because of the sheer diversity of numbing cream. Those that haven't applied it to their skin before may think it's highly toxic or has many side effects. However, they couldn't be any more wrong. 

The way the cream works is simple. Once it's applied to the skin correctly, it eliminates that area of nerves sending signals of pain to your brain. Therefore, it's only a temporary nerve blocker which wears off after around three hours. 

    Without question, some creams might be more effective than others depending on the severity of the pain and the person's genetics.

    We recommend consulting a healthcare professional for the most effective solution for your application. An healthcare professional can determine which numbing cream could be most advantageous in your situation and medical state. 

    How to use numbing cream  

    The application is the same whether you're using generic or tattoo numbing cream. Luckily, it's a straightforward process and doesn't require a medical degree to apply this to the skin successfully. 

    However, double-check the prescription label or product insert to guarantee you're applying the cream correctly before doing the below. Additionally, consult the professional doing the procedure. For instance, some artists might not like you turning up with numbing cream for tattoos, and the same follows with surgeons, etc. 

    When applying to the skin, always start with the smallest amount possible (aka a patch test). If it's your first time applying a numbing cream to your skin, you're not sure how the skin will react. Therefore, start small, see how it goes, and use more when you feel comfortable. 

    To learn how to apply generic or tattoo numbing cream to an area you'd like to reduce pain or sensitivity, read the below instructions: 

    1. Clean the area - First, use soap and water to clean the area you'd like to apply the numbing cream. Before initially placing this on your skin, guarantee it's clear of any dirt and is completely dry. 
    2. Use protective gloves - Use gloves when handling the cream; otherwise, your hands will also become numb. Rubber or latex gloves are ideal for this type of application. 
    3. Apply the right amount - As mentioned, always start small and work your way up. If you've used numbing cream without any problems before, you won't need to do this. Instead, apply the manufacturer's recommended amount to your skin. 
    4. Wrap the applied area - Cover the involved area in saran wrap to guarantee optimal performance. The heat caused by this will speed up the activeness of the numbing cream. 
    5. Rinse well - Afterward, wait until the procedure. Before this occurs, rinse the area well. 


    To ensure that the cream stays well and doesn't become defected from inadequate storage, you'll want to provide the following: Follow the storage instructions from the manufacturer. These might change depending on the numbing cream, but it usually consists of the below: 

    • Store the cream at room temperature.
    • Keep it away from excessive heat or moisture. 
    • Don't leave in direct sunlight.
    • Always keep the tube tightly closed. 

    If you ensure the above guidance with the manufacturer's storage instructions, you'll guarantee the cream doesn't become ruined. 


    After reading the above, you should have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of numbing cream. Without question, it's a spectacular invention used by hundreds of thousands worldwide. 

    As mentioned, some numbing creams might be more beneficial to specific applications. At TattoNumbX, we offer our clients a premium tattoo numbing cream solution that is proven to make these procedures painless. 

    Our tattoo numbing cream is well-known within the industry and has helped many with the pain caused by this process. To find out more information about our product, feel free to check out our website